Italian design, quality and manufactured. 
Durability of Investment
  • 2 years total warranty on all components. 
  • Spare parts availability
    - 20 years on mechanical components
    -10 years on electronic components
  • On site technical assistance
Top Quality 
  • Product development through the consistent research of new systems and technical solutions
  • Total electroinc flowpack machines and feeders. 
  • High technology- electroinic components by main suppliers
  • Easy to operate and flexible programs
  • New design for easy cleaning and maintanace 
  • Stainless steel execution

Experience and Know How 
  • 40 years in the packaging industry
  • 7,000 flowpack machines
  • 900 automatic feeders
  • Designed, produced and supplied in the world
Engery Saving
  • High efficency brushless motors 
  • Stand-by function
  • (Auto-adjusting temperatures when machine stops for minimal enegery consumption during downtime)